Datacenter milestone: 1000 days of uptime

Zero downtime in almost 3 years of operation. So what's the secret?

In a world where downtime means lost revenue and even vendors like Google and Amazon seem to repeatedly run into problems keeping everything up and running, OnePartner's ATAC Tier 3 datacenter definitely deserves a moment of recognition for passing the 1000 day mark with zero downtime. They've also gone out of their way to prove that building a successful datacenter isn't rocket science.

This isn't to say that there aren't technical challenges that need to be met in order to develop and deploy a datacenter capable of getting Tier 3 certification from the Uptime Institute. The technology is continually changing and what was the best possible combination of equipment six months ago may no longer be the case. Getting a datacenter built and maintaining a certain amount of future-proofing will continue to be a skillset that requires considerable expertise.

But getting that datacenter built means employing the right people to solve the complex questions while nt shooting yourself in the foot by doing something stupid, as OnePartner outlines in their "10 Place You Don't Want a Datacenter" report. Granted, this marketing document is designed to highlight the choices that OnePartner has made for their own datacenter designs, but it does highlight simple things that are common mistakes, especially when people are looking to save money.

Some of the issues only apply to a datacenter business; an organization building their own private facility my not be able to choose a location that isn't proximate to existing facilities, negating a bunch of OnePartner's suggestions. But their document goes a long way to demonstrating how important common sense decisions ion your datacenter design and implementation can have a significant impact on the long-term effectiveness of your new facility.