Datacom claims world's largest SAP migration to MS Azure

A test environment delivered equal or better performance across the Pacific between the US and New Zealand to that achieved with onshore servers.

New Zealand IT services provider Datacom says it has successfully delivered the world's largest production SAP migration to Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform.

The Bay of Plenty-based kiwifruit marketer Zespri is now operating its global SAP platform and other applications serving subsidiaries in Asia and Europe on Azure, after the migration was completed ahead of schedule, Datacom said.

Zespri has a target of 100 percent public cloud, said Andrew Goodin, global manager of information systems for Zespri.

The key drivers of Zespri's public cloud strategy were to improve scalability globally, reduce IT costs, insulate the business against the threat of natural disasters including earthquakes and tsunamis, increase unrealised SAP performance, and enable Zespri to focus on its core business.

The New Zealand kiwifruit industry is also aiming to increase export revenue to NZ$3 billion by 2025, and Zespri has factored that into its IT planning.

Datacom set up a test environment in Azure to test the performance of SAP in the cloud, clocking in a response time equal to or better than achieved with onshore servers.

"We can bump up Azure performance in minutes by adding additional resources, which is not possible in the on-premises world," Goodin said.

The migration involved around 230 virtual machines running in the western US Azure datacentre. Workloads are also replicated to other Azure datacentres outside the US.

Zespri's global kiwifruit sales totalled NZ$1.35 billion in the 2014 financial year, and the company operates in 53 countries.