Datacom joins govt ICT services panel

The IT provider has become the 30th company to join the Department of Finance's new ICT services panel.

IT services provider Datacom has been selected to join a new Federal Government ICT services panel.

Managed by the Department of Finance, the panel deals with a range of services, including supply of applications development, systems integration and project management. In Datacom's case, it will also be providing software and hardware products from vendors such as HP, McAfee and Citrix.

The company has joined a stable of 29 other service providers, including ASG, Data#3 and SMS Management & Technology. The panel was announced in June and the suppliers list was released in July.

This was part of the Federal Government's effort to reduce the number of ICT services panels from 87 down to four.

"Answering this tender leverages expertise from across Datacom Group, and required involvement and collaboration with numerous vendors and partners," Datacom CEO Jonathan Ladd said in a statement.

The company is already a part of the Federal Datacentre services panel, which will provide datacentre services to government agencies and will be in place for five years.