Datacom wins $1.2 million contract with IP Australia

Datacom has secured a four-year control with IP Australia to digitise and migration its services online to create an integrated customer experience solution for the government agency.

Technology solutions provider Datacom has secured an AU$1.2 million contract with IP Australia, the Australian government agency responsible for administrating Intellectual Property rights and legislation related to patents, trademarks, designs, and plant breeders' rights.

The four-year contract will see Datacom digitise and migrate IP Australia's services online as part of creating an integrated customer experience solution. This includes building an intelligence platform that will continue online migration and help better identifies the needs and views of Australia’s innovators by capturing data from the customer service channels.

IP Australia general manager Rob Bollard said this contract marks IP Australia's commitment to developing a more efficient and agile system.

"We have chosen to work with Datacom, who have demonstrated our shared vision to deliver a frontline customer experience that provides intelligence to better support and educate our customers on the advantages of the new digital experience," he said.

The service being provided to IP Australia will also be offered to other government departments through the multi-agency access arrangement, said Kirsty Hunter, Datacom Connect managing director.

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