Datacom's NZ$30M datacentre in Hamilton nearing completion

The datacentre facility is due to open its doors in early February 2013.

Datacom has completed the structural work for its tier 3+ datacentre in Hamilton, New Zealand, which is slated to be launched in early February next year.

Kapua under construction. (Credit: Datacom)

Christened as Kapua, the NZ$30 million facility, announced in October 2011, will significantly boost Datacom's trans-Tasman datacentre offerings, according to the company. It is the sister site of Datacom's Orbit tier 3+ datacentre located in Albany.

"Customer network connections are getting faster on the back of the government-sponsored fibre initiatives, and there is an increased expectation that applications will be responsive and media rich," Datacom COO Steve Matheson said in a statement. "Delivering this experience requires local servers."

With two tier 3+ datacentres working together, Datacom aims to provide an environment for hosting mission-critical applications for customers.

Kapua is built to government security requirements and will house 920 racks when it is finished, with room to expand. Two data floors are being built in the first stage of development, but there are plans to extend that to five data floors.

Datacom will be manned by local IT staff, and teams are currently being trained in Auckland.

Kapua means "cloud" in the Maori language.