Deal alert: Best Buy slashes $125 off its portable Google Assistant alarm clock

Want Google Assistant to wake you up for work? Then grab this $25 Insignia alarm clock from Best Buy.

Google Assistant gets multilingual support

Waking up in the morning isn't easy. For most of us, it involves hitting snooze on our phone's clock app about five times before we finally roll out of bed. If you're looking to upgrade your morning routine before work, look no further than Best Buy's own Insignia alarm clock.

This device normally costs $150, but Best Buy has given it a deep discount for a limited time. You can now buy it for just $24.99. It not only displays the time and temperature upon request, but it has built-in Google Assistant and a speaker. It can also work with other speakers for multi-room audio.

(Image: Best Buy)

Google Assistant is fast becoming one of the most useful personal assistants available, and the recent addition of routines is a prime example. With Google Assistant on the Insignia alarm clock, just say "OK Google, good morning," and it'll speed up your morning routine. No more having to grab your phone, turn off silent mode, scroll through the weather forecast, or review your schedule. Assistant will handle your "good morning" routine by doing the following for you:

  • Take the phone off silent
  • Trigger smart home devices
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Hear the weather
  • Learn traffic conditions and estimated time of your commute
  • Hear upcoming calendar events and reminders
  • Adjust phone volume (to your preset morning setting)
  • Play music, news, radio, or a podcast

You can ask the Insignia alarm clock all the usual questions you would ask a Google Home, and you can pair your devices to it over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Another cool feature is that it has a rechargeable battery, with up to five hours playback. So, it's portable, too.

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