Deal time: Partnering drives local ad sales ecosystem

Let's make a Deal! Partnering drives local ad sales ecosystem

Partnerships are essential to success in local advertising.

Kelsey “Drilling Down on Local” keynoters Hilary Schneider, Yahoo Senior Vice President, Marketplaces, and Nick Grouf, CEO, Spot Runner, underscored yesterday that partnering is the key to fully realizing the enormous potential of the local advertising opportunity.

Schneider extolled the value of partnerships to “bring it all together”: audience, advertisers and content and distribution.

Grouf directly solicited conference attendees underscoring Spot Runner wants to “build partnerships with companies in the audience.”

“Companies in the audience,” are themselves looking to partner.

I polled conference attendees exploring vendors in the exhibit hall on what they seek to gain from the “Annual Silicon Valley Summit."

It is "Deal Time" in local advertising, time for partnering.  

Ari Jacoby, President, Voice Star:

Voice Star private labels Pay Per Call and Click to Call platforms.

We want signed deals. Here to meet with executive decision makers who are capable of making partnering decisions and are looking to empower their organizations by diversifying offerings, figuring out how to generate more revenues.

It’s about money, that’s how they get paid, that’s how their shareholders get paid.

Anyone who sells advertising directly can white label our product to make more money from existing ads, it is a new stream of income. Calls to advertisers can be tracked and measured.

The phone is the lowest common denominator across all small businesses.

Anupam Gupta, President, Mixpo:

A content widget for mixing video, photos and audio into one player for publishing it all over the web on the fly.

We are looking for insight. We are a small start-up now with an “alpha product,” a bit ahead of the curve, a multimedia way for businesses to promote themselves.

We are targeting 12-18 months out …going the verticals approach, not the big, horizontal Yellow Pages plays. Verticals in which visualization can improve the experience include real estate, hospitality, tourism…we want to explore opportunities within other verticals as well.

Dan Hobin, CEO, G5 Search Marketing:

G5 Search marketing is a Local Search optimization firm.

We are looking for some new verticals to sell our platform to. Our first vertical is the self-storage industry, we are selling to entities of 10 units or more.

Should we partner? With CMRs?

Does it make sense to sell to individual small businesses? Is there a business model that works? What is the right solution for selling to SMEs?


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