Dear Samsung endorsers, please stop using iPhones

As Samsung reportedly sues a Russian TV personality for her alleged subterfuge, it's worth asking whether the Korean manufacturer is a little too desperate for fame.

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It started a long time ago.

There was Alicia Keys, BlackBerry's vaunted creative director, who was caught tweeting from an iPhone. She claimed she'd been hacked.

Tennis star David Ferrer was perhaps the most brazenly charming. A Samsung endorser, he wanted TwitterWorld to know about his love for the Samsung Galaxy S4. He tweeted that love from an iPhone.

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My favorite, though, was Maroon 5's Adam Levine. One of the stars of NBC's The Voice, Levine helped Samsung launch its Milk Music service. (Remember that?) He called for "a ceremonial iPhone burning."

Oh, and then he ceremonially tweeted from his iPhone.

(Image: CEN/

Now, we have the case of Ksenia Sobchak. The rumored "god-daughter" of Russian henchman Vladimir Putin, Sobchak is the face of Samsung Russia.

You'd think, then, that the TV personality, journalist, and politician would, when she appears on TV, wield her Galaxy with pride.

Sadly, the Mirror reports that Sobchak appeared on live TV and allegedly tried to cover up her iPhone X with a piece of paper.

Now, the paper says, Samsung is suing her for $1.6 million. I asked Samsung for comment and will update, should I hear.

There are a couple of painful aspects to all this.

First, is there no limit to famous peoples' gall?

Can it be that they're prepared to take a lot of money from any brand and blithely ignore even the most basic tenets that come with being that brand's supposed endorser? The evidence appears damning.

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What, though, of Samsung? Here it is putting its phones in the hands of famous people who appear to have no actual regard for them.

It appears as if Samsung is so desperate to gain a little of the limelight dominated by Apple that it allows itself to be constantly duped.

Hasn't it learned that famous people aren't the most reliable? Why, during the 2014 Oscars when presenter Ellen Degeneres helped Samsung create a famous star-filled selfie, she was tweeting backstage from, oh, an iPhone.

Samsung's marketing has, at times, been excellent. Not, however, lately. Somehow, its phones have paled behind a recent onslaught from Apple, which has launched six phones within a year.

Perhaps it's time to leave famous people to their own devices and start marketing your wares in a way that captivates.

Or do the kids only listen to famous people these days?

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