Dear Twitter: Zuckerberg isn't in China, he's in Tokyo

Despite reports that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was in China, he arrived in Tokyo today to meet the prime minister and surprising guests at the Mobile Hack event.

According to Asiajin, and reports on Twitter, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made a surprise appearance at an event in Tokyo today.

Despite previous reports suggesting that Zuckerberg was in China on vacation, it looks as though he has skipped over to Japan for a surprise visit.

Zuckerberg is confirmed to have met with Japan's prime minister Yoshihiko Noda earlier in the day.

Noda was reportedly "starstruck" by Zuckerberg's visit, having seen 'The Social Network'.

Noda also thanked Zuckerberg for the contribution Facebook made towards the recovery effort following the tsunami and earthquake last March.

It is still not clear exactly what Zuckerberg's visit to Japan will entail, but it is already appearing more business orientated then his holiday in China.

To add fuel to the speculation, Softbank's chief executive, one of Japan's mobile networks, has just joined Facebook.

Masayoshi Son is known for being an avid user of Twitter, but today opened a Facebook account with the status: "I am to start Facebook from now on."

This leads to the obvious speculation that Son may have met with Zuckerberg, but we'll have wait and see.

What we do know for sure is that he presented a speech at Mobile Hack Tokyo this evening.

Facebook's Mobile Hack Tokyo event, taking place in Roppongi hills, is an event for developers as part of a daylong course on mobile application development. It appears as if it is intended, in part, to discover talent. The day ends with an awards ceremony for the best mobile social apps.

By the looks of the event's schedule, it consisted of a series of lectures and discussions over various platforms. It kicked off at 10 am with a "Crash Course 101" for beginners, teaching them how to use Facebook Mobile Platform. There was also Q&A session with the Facebook team.

The event was already fully booked, but I wonder how many visitors were expecting a lecture from the founder of Facebook himself?

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