Decide helps you figure out the best time to buy a new gadget

Burned from that last gadget purchase that came right before a price drop? Next time, let Decide help you out.

Fact: Gadgets evolve fast, often faster than consumers' ability to keep up. Enter Decide, which aims to take the uncertainty out of the gadget buying process.

Decide's interface is pretty simple. When prompted with the name of a gadget, the site gives users a recommendation on whether to buy a gadget now or wait for the upgrade. So, for a product like the MacBook Air, which is widely believed to be on the verge of getting refreshed, Decide recommends consumers hold off.

Right now the site's offerings seem limited to laptops, televisions, and cameras - which is sort of a letdown considering there are tons more possibilities to be considered. Tablets, not to mention smartphones, are both conspiculously absent. Fortunately, Decide is currently working on getting those categories up, so it shouldn't be too long before we see them implemented.


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