Decide's new iPhone app helps consumers buy gadgets at the best time

Decide's new iPhone app aims to save consumers the trouble of buying a new device right before it gets refreshed or, even worse, drops in price.

Decide is making the jump from the web to the iPhone with its first app.

The app accomplishes much of the same tasks as its web cousin, advising users on when to pick up the latest gadgets. Devices are given a "wait" or "buy" status based on a variety of factors, including how likely they are likely to be refreshed in the coming weeks or months. Decide also gives users the names of retailers that are selling the device for the cheapest, which is sure to be a big help for those to rather spend less money than more of it.

Decide's iOS app also takes advantage of the iPhone's camera, allowing users to scan a product's barcode instead of manually inputting its model number.

Along with the iPhone app, Decide has significantly expanded its initial offering of phone, laptops, televisions, and cameras. Now, the site covers nearly every kind of gadget, from tablets to home audio equipment. Even video games fall within its purview. Deal-hungry holiday shoppers: take notice.