Decisions, Decisions

Fan won't turn off, speaker burps at me, syslit won't run

Sun's Piazza died, at least temporarily, with the MAJC desktop dream but has a nice interface: the video caller annoying you just kinda fuzes into reality on your screen and you can slam your virtual office door on him if you want to. Wish I had...


I couldn't believe you of all people were using Vista yesterday. Great isn't it?

You mean showing the video? that was my wife's old Powerbook - remember: Steve Jobs is really a time traveler, that's how he copies Microsoft's stuff years before Microsoft invents it.

oh. Well, I'm upgrading this weekend.

Your stinkpad?

No, I picked up a Lenova 3000 T2500 Core Duo, nVida GeForce, 2GB RAM!!!

Cor! probably run both Aero and Word.

Days later


Aren't you supposed to be at the center by now?

I've been on hold to tech support for over an hour

What's wrong?

Fan won't turn off, speaker burps at me, syslit won't run

Not enough memory on your graphics board

It's got 128MB! What do you have?

You mean on the Powerbook?


That's Unix on a G4, so a non issue.

More days go by


So how's it going with Vista?

I put XP Pro back

Get your files and settings back?


Do you have encrypted word files on your USB backup?


Can you read them?

Been a few days now. ;-)