Defining 'intelligence' in Singapore's iN2015

We take stock of Singapore government's Intelligent Nation 2015 and find out how organizations in the island-state have adopted ICT to drive business growth and innovation.

Defining 'intelligence' in Singapore's iN2015

The Singapore government in June 2006 launched its 10-year roadmap, dubbed Intelligent Nation 2015. The objective was to ensure the city-state would achieve economic and social benefits through the innovative use of infocomm technologies.

Today, at the halfway mark of the 10-year roadmap, this ZDNet Asia video series showcases "Intelligent Singapore" where CXOs from various verticals including telecommunications, banking and hospitality, discuss how they define "intelligence" in their respective markets.

In these exclusive video interviews, the top executives also reveal how their companies are looking to drive business efficiencies, gain competitive advantage and improve services through the help of ICT.

They also elaborate on key initiatives their company have deployed and the benefits these implementations have provided for the organization.