Del Monte invests in enterprise software for energy, water

A management application from Locus Technologies will provide an integrated view of energy and water consumption across the food giant's operations.

Giant agricultural and food company Del Monte Foods plans to use environmental resource management software from Locus Technologies to keep better tabs on its energy and water consumption.

The software, which is delivered as a service via the "cloud," is an extension of the $3.7 billion company's traditional enterprise resource planning applications. The goal is to help San Francisco-based Del Monte measure and stabilize its water and energy usage across all of its operational locations throughout the United States -- from Kingsburg, Calif., to Mendota, Ill.

The Locus service will provide an integrated view of the data, so that Del Monte can compare best practices from location to location. It integrates into Del Monte's resource planning system.

Said Robin Connell, sustainability programs manager for Del Monte Foods:

"By working with Locus, we will improve our ability to analyze and forecast our reliance on critical environmental resources, which will help Del Monte meet its sustainability goals. Management of our complex set of activities robust software architectures that are best delivered via the cloud. We found all of these in Locus' platform."

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