Deletion software tribute to ex-chancellor Kohl

Who says Germans don't have a sense of humour?

A cheeky German software company has named a new application for deleting data after ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl, who stands accused of erasing information about shady deals from government computers while in office.

Software company Alpenland has named the software "Helmut-Kohl-Datenloescher" (data eraser) in honour of the ongoing controversy.

In one of Germany's most high profile investigations it was discovered that files concerning the privatisation of East Germany as well as arms sales to Saudi Arabia were destroyed days after Kohl was removed from office in 1998.

It is believed Kohl could eventually be charged with destroying evidence.

The software is, however, aimed more at the consumer PC market says its creators.

"Helmut-Kohl-Datenloescher is a most useful tool, but not only in government circles," says a message on the company's Web site.

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