Delhi Metro releases app, what's missing?

The metro system has been rated by the United Nations as one of the world's best. It's finally released an app for commuters with a good map function, but it could do with a recharge and personal safety feature.

The Delhi Metro app will allow commuters to know the fares between stations, along with the train schedule. Furthermore, the app will also provide commuters information about the nearest metro station, travel time, route information, and parking availability, reports The Times of India.

From screen shots available of the Delhi Metro app, the app itself has a clean and easy to read design. Commuters can find the route between metro stations, along with specific information about a metro station itself, such as location and timings. The app can be downloaded directly from its Web site.

The app lists all of the metro stations in alphabetical order and allows commuters to enter their destination route by choosing the two metro stations as the start and end points. From there, the app then provides route information, including distance in kilometers, along with fare, duration of trip, number of stations, and interchange stations too.

Commuters can also view the route map on either Delhi Metro route map or via Google Maps , within the app itself. Having a dual functional map is great as it gives commuters a sense of idea both within the Delhi Metro system and above ground too, thus being able to determine which is the best station to either start or end a journey.

A majority of the surface roads in New Delhi don't have any formal markings, and thus it can be very challenging and difficult to find an exact address, without using a tool such as Google Maps. By using both maps, now commuters will have a better sense of exactly where they are.

delhi metro app
Delhi Metro's app is currently only available on Google Android.

Feature wishlist

A few features which would I would like to see included in future releases of the app are the feature to recharge smartcards using the app and also a personal safety alert feature. Allowing commuters to recharge smart cards using either their credit or debit cards would save a lot of time the only other options are to it in person at a Delhi Metro station, or online itself. Waiting in line during morning or evening rush hour can take up a lot of time and leads to frustration, and since the option to recharge online is already available, implementing this feature into the app shouldn't be that hard.

The second feature, a personal safety alert , would be a selling point of this app, especially for women . Even with all of the CCTV in the trains and stations, and security all over, incidents still do happen which is another reason why the first cabin car of each train is reserved for women only. The personal safety alert could easily send a notification to either the conductor on board or security at the next station that there is a situation and the person is in distress. From what I've seen in the past, security within the Delhi Metro system are quick and swift to respond, and having a personal safety alert in the app would give all commuters an additional piece of mind.