Delivery Status Touch: package tracking for the OCD set

If you have a compulsive need to follow you iPad 2's progress through the Apple supply chain you need Delivery Status Touch for iPhone ($4.99) from the App Store.

If you're like me, your among the millions of people that ordered an iPad 2 on March 11 and is still waiting for it to arrive. If you're obsessive and/or have a compulsive need to follow you iPad's progress through the supply chain, I recommend that you download Junecloud's Delivery Status Touch for iPhone ($4.99) from the App Store).

One of the main problems with my iPad 2 order was that it sat in Apple's queue in Shenzhen forever without being assigned a tracking number, requiring a trip to the page -- or so I thought.

Tom Hesser pointed out on Episode 153 of the PowerPage Podcast that Delivery Status can also track orders placed at the U.S. Apple Store and Amazon -- before the order is shipped. Tres cool.

Once your package is actually "on the truck" Delivery Status can track its progress through all the major international carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and many others.

A truly OCD feature is being able to see your package’s location in Google Maps, but it doesn't end there. Version 4.3.1 features a redesigned, Dashboard widget and web portal that keeps your tracking numbers in sync across all platforms. Scary good app and well worth the $5.