Dell adds data encryption service to their cloud

Dell partners with Trend Micro to add security and control to customer cloud data

With businesses considering moving services to cloud based solutions, even those who plan on using a private cloud have concerns about maintaining the privacy and security of their data. While individual applications and services often have their own security and encryption methodologies, enterprise environments demand centralized management of all critical services.

To address these concerns in their cloud services business Dell has announced integration with the Trend Micro SecureCloud  as a security model for sensitive data in their Infrastructure-as-a -service Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service. The service offers encryption that has unique server validation and policy-based key encryption. The service is directly integrated with the Dell IaaS service, but the encryption keys are managed by Trend Micro, not by Dell. Dell customers are the only ones who have access to these keys, so there is an additional level of security in place, separating the key management form the hosted Dell service.

With services being hosted in Dell's cloud datacenters, offering customers this level of security control over their own information is a key component in assuring customers that deploying using Dell services does not reduce the level of control they have over the security of their data. As this is often a primary concern of potential customers, the addition of SecureCloud to the Dell datacenter portfolio is an important one.

SecureCloud fits in with the Dell SecureWorks security services that Dell offers to its customers. SecureWorks offers a full line of services that includes product support and building integrated security solutions. These solutions include everything from perimeter security to ongoing-enterprise-wide infrastructure security services.