Dell adds vSphere tools to EqualLogic rollout

The company has launched new EqualLogic storage systems and boosted integration with VMware's vSphere software

Dell rolled out new EqualLogic storage systems on Monday and stepped up its integration with VMware's vSphere 5 cloud management software.

The EqualLogic PS4100 Series is designed for SMEs and remote offices, providing storage area networks support of up to 36TB in an array. The company also rolled out EqualLogic PS6100 Series systems, which are designed to handle up to 72TB in an array and 1.2 petabytes in a group.

On the VMware side of the equation, Dell said EqualLogic's firmware 5.1 has "thin provisioning awareness" for VMware vSphere. As a result, the integration can save on recovery time and manage data loss risks. Dell has focused on VMware first given that 90 percent of its storage customers use virtualisation and 80 percent of those customers are on VMware.

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