Dell brings Axim PDA to Europe

Two models of the Axim X5 are now on sale in Europe, as Dell aims to get into the PDA market on this side of the Atlantic

Dell has on Tuesday brought its first PDA offering to Europe, selling its Axim X5 in five languages across the continent.

The Pocket PC-based product is already known for undercutting other devices based on the Microsoft operating system, and taking a large chunk of US PDA sales -- as much as 10 percent, in terms of units shipped, since last November -- according to comments from Michael Dell last month.

The Axim X5 will be available for as little as 249 euros, with initial UK advertising citing prices of £169 or £229 before VAT and delivery.

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The different prices refer to the two models available. One model sports a 300MHz Intel X-Scale processor, 32MB of SDRAM memory and 32MB of Intel StrataFlash ROM memory, while its bigger brother features a 400MHz X-Scale chip, 64MG SDRAM and 48MB StrataFlash ROM.

The units look similar to other Pocket PC PDAs, most notably the HP iPaq, which famously made inroads into the Palm OS-dominated market, even though it has carried £500 plus price tags.

The Axim X5 will support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networking via Compact Flash Type II Card1.

Microsoft, eager to establish PDAs that use its software in the enterprise, is promoting the device as one for consumers who have previously found high-end devices too expensive and also as one that will tempt IT decision-makers to deploy corporate PDAs.

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