Dell brings work and play screen-mirroring to its Android tablets with Cast

Tablets may be handy for mobility, but there are times when a bigger screen is a better screen.

Dell Cast
Dell Cast: Turn a mobile app into a full-scale presentation

Dell has this week given more details on its 'Chromecast for the enterprise', known as the Cast.

The Dell Cast is a pocket-sized device used for screen-mirroring with its Venue Android tablets. With the Cast, users can screencast content on the tablets onto a nearby monitor, allowing them to use the device as a desktop PC or a TV. It can also be used to present presentations on a large display at a client's offices, for example, while controlling the slides from the slate.

The product, which works with the Venue 7 and Venue 8, consists of an HDMI adapter and the Dell Cast application.

The hardware is a small HDMI media adaptor that will plug into the USB port "of most monitors" and TVs, according to Dell.

The Cast will work in two modes: entertainment or productivity. Entertainment mode mirrors a tablet’s content onto a larger display so that you can watch movies on a big screen or move a presentation onto a larger monitor while controlling the content and slides from the tablet. In productivity mode, the adaptor and software application acts as a wireless dock, and turns a larger display into a desktop with a wireless or USB-connected keyboard and mouse.

The device is priced at $79.99 in the US, but Dell says that pricing for European and rest of the world has not yet been fixed.

The Dell Cast software is available for download for its Venue 7 and 8 tablets, and will come installed on future Venue tablets.

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