Dell cuts OptiPlex prices, jabs at Compaq

Dell has cut pricing on its OptiPlex flagship desktop PC line by up to 20 per cent. An OptiPlex GsM 5166MMX with 16Mb RAM, 2Gb hard drive and 15-inch monitor now costs £959 + VAT.

In a dig clearly aimed at its arch-rival Compaq, Dell said its new pricing is "18 per cheaper than an equivalent product from a major competitor with a traditional indirect sales model".

Steve Rawsthorn, Dell UK Corporate marketing director said: "We are seeing our competitors attempting to change their sales model in order to compete... but our experience puts us years ahead." Compaq, of course, recently dipped its toes in direct sales for the first time in the UK.

In another jab at Compaq, referring to Dell's recent entry into the workstation market, Ray Badminton, desktop marketing manager for Dell UK Corporate said its dual-300MHz Pentium II-based WorkStation 400 was "almost half the price of one of our major competitors. They are asking over £9,000 fo a workstation based on older, slower dual 200MHz Pentium Pro processors. We think customers deserve better value."