Dell debuts new Wyse education package; pitches anywhere access

The fruits of Dell's Wyse acquisition begin to emerge as it offers a turnkey thin client solution to give students and teachers anywhere access to school data and applications.

Dell announced this week a new package for the education market that combines a Wyse thin client and its own desktop virtualization appliance for $500 per seat.

(Wait a minute -- Wyse, you say? Indeed. Dell acquired the company earlier this year, for this very reason.)

The point of the package is to offer more of a turnkey technology solution for U.S. schools that want anywhere-access to data, but don't know where to begin. (Or don't have the time to bother shopping around).

The package includes:

  • Dell's own Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) appliance (which is really a PowerEdge 12th-gen server plus Citrix VDI-in-a-box software)
  • Wyse T10 thin client (7 watts)

The pitch is giving K-12 students and teachers access to school data and applications from home, using their personal devices. The upside for them is anywhere-access; the upside for IT is virtualizing and securing the data. (The downside: another thing to deploy!)

The offer's available through August 31; inquire through the usual channels for it.

Oh, and one more thing: Dell also announced the new Wyse E00 zero client (pictured above) -- "zero," because at 3 watts, the device sips electricity -- that allows for shared computing access for up to 15 students per server via Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011.

"In hard costs, we are saving approximately $80,000 per year on administration with our Wyse devices because we’ve been able to completely rework the ratio of computers to IT support personnel," said Yevgeniy Sklyar, infrastructure manager for the Danbury Public Schools system in Connecticut. "The ratio has gone from 200-to-1 for PCs to 600-to-1 for thin clients."

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