Dell goes evergreen

Investing in R&D remains a top priority and it seems to be paying off

Dell has opened a research center on its existing Austin campus dedicated to working on hyperscale datacenter solutions and improving datacenter efficiency. The new Evergreen Innovation Center’s first publicly announced project is to work on technology enhancements that can be used by the eBay datacenter efficiency efforts I talked about yesterday ,

Dell’s previously announced Project mercury design, a modular datacenter built for eBay which sits on top  of an eBay facility iin Phoenix, is another example of the results of the collaborative effort between Dell and eBay.

Dell is looking at ways to apply efficiencies across their entire datacenter product range, looking to build solutions where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Being able to build solutions where the combination of efficiencies across products , enterprise design, management, and implementation result in a better, more efficient solution than creating a hodgepodge of ‘green” products is where the real advantages lie in the future of more effective, efficient computing. And with scale-out designs, which are a major part of what Dell calls “hyperscale computing”, looking like the design model of choice for the future of cloud-focused datacenters, Dell’s efforts in this space are likely to bear fruit.

Even with the public uncertainties over Dell’s plans to go private they’ve been very successful over the last quarter. With overall server sales down slightly worldwide, Dell and Cisco were the only two top vendors to show growth in this sector, with Dell growing shipments 2.6 percent (HP remains the number 1 vendor in this space). So it would appear that regardless of the financial community’s and much of the media’s perception of what Dell is doing, the Dell customer is upping their investment in Dell technology.