Dell: High-end graphics cards make your screen glossier ... what?

Don't let marketing near technical stuff!

Since about a thousand of you have sent this in to me, I thought I'd throw it up here for a laugh.

If you head over to the Dell website and click on “Help me choose” in the graphics card section you get this informative image:

Here's a closer look at that image:

High-end graphics cards make your screen glossy ... or that's what Dell want you to think. I wonder if you've got dual GPUs whether that gives you an even glossier screen?

I know that it's hard to represent some things with an image, but this is one of the worst I've seen in a long time.

[UPDATE: Here are some funny 'tweaks' of the above image by Craig Grannell:


[UPDATE 2: According to the good folks at PC Pro, Dell has removed this image and offered an apology.]

Via Reddit - NSFW