Dell highlights success tips for SMB early cloud adopters

Approximately 69 percent of early adopters of cloud apps prefer to pick from a single trusted vendor, according to a new study.

Despite many cloud providers touting solutions that don't lock customers in while letting them free to roam around, it looks like that might not be what the customers want.

Approximately 69 percent of early adopters of cloud application software prefer to purchase solutions from a single trusted vendor, according to some of the latest trends being highlighted by Dell.

The findings actually come from a recent study of 400 small and medium businesses conducted by global SMB analyst firm Techaisle but sponsored by Dell. The Dell Cloud Business Applications team then mined through Techaisle’s survey to pinpoint some key lessons for cloud business success.

Overall, the report reveals that a growing number of businesses are using cloud applications to gain a competitive advantage. That's not exactly a secret sauce kind of message, but there are plenty of lessons that can be drawn from the report for SMBs just getting into the cloud game now.

Here are the three major takeaway points:

  • Choose a single trusted partner that can support you end-to-end.
  • Careful planning and preparation are keys to successful implementation.
  • Flexible application integration ensures maximum ROI.

The last one might really be the most complex. It really depends on operational efficiency and how well you can connect with cloud ecosystems belonging to other business partners.

Of course, there are other road blocks. About 40 percent cited lack of training as a hindrance to cloud adoption while 49 percent admitted that they experienced longer-than-anticipated deployment cycles.

Survey participants also responded with ideas for what would be on their "integration wish lists." Approximately 54 percent would like to see integrated business analytics and 63 percent would also like to be able to easily modify any app integrations.

Overall, early SMB adopters have relished from two of the leading reasons to move to the cloud: cost savings and improving time to market speeds. Roughly 81 percent believe cloud has enabled them to get to market faster, while 85 percent gained capabilities they were previously not able to afford.


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