Dell Kace launches 'pay-as-you-grow' pricing scheme

Dell Kace targets medium-sized business sector with a new appliance line that features enterprise capabilities.

Dell Kace is rolling out its new K-Series Advanced Appliance line, designed for the needs of medium-sized businesses while providing enterprise capabilities at a more budget-friendly rate.

Specifically, the budgets are set to be met by Dell Kace's new "pay-as-you grow" pricing scheme. Thus, companies are encouraged to expand "without the high cost, work stoppages or compromised quality of service that are common with traditional software only system upgrades."

This solution is for growing organizations with between 1,000 to 3,500 end-point systems.

The K-Series Advanced Appliance line includes the K1100-ADV for systems management, and the K2100-ADV for systems deployment, both sporting new line Intel Xeon quad-core processors, RAID 5 configuration, high-speed drivers, and redundant power supplies.

Tasks that these systems can complete include device discovery and inventory, software distribution and installation, and security audit and enforcement. A full list for each K-Series product is available on Dell Kace's site, broken down by product.

Dell Kace is also going to start offering a new ProSupport package set to launch in North America by the end of the year, which will consist of unified assistance on weekdays for 24 hours a day from Dell's maintenance and support team.

KACE and Dell customers, including IT administrators, will be able to get support for desktops, servers, storage and now also Dell Kace Systems Management Appliances.