Dell launches enterprise mobile data center for military, gov't ops

Dell's Tactical Mobile Data Centers are built to withstand extreme temperatures for military and government deployments worldwide.

Dell is rolling out a new, enterprise-grade mobile data center for military and government operations, including those in remote locations.

The Dell Tactical Mobile Data Center is an air-deployable and customizable solution designed to be able to set up an IT infrastructure anywhere quickly to power operations. Upon departure, Dell touts that these systems leave behind a "minimal footprint" for quicker movements when installing and uninstalling these machines.

The mobile data center can also be used to expand customers' existing data centers as a backup or recovery system.

As these data centers are boasted to be deployable anywhere, they're also built to withstand extreme temperatures to maintain performance in different environments. Each data center is contained in weather-resistant ISU-96 containers that are 3G Flight Certified to be transported via military fixed-wing airframes or commercial aircraft.

Each Tactical Mobile Data Center is comprised of at least two of the components: an IT Pack and an AC/UPS Pack. These systems can run on land power, generator power, or a combination of both.

Here are some examples of what can be included and configured in the Dell Tactical Mobile Data Center IT and AC/UPS packs:

IT Pack
• Three 42U - 15KW capacity server racks (45KW total)
• Power Distribution Units
• Data connections (fiber, copper, or BNC)
• Customize with Dell servers and storage

• Glycol closed loop system supports cooling capacity of the IT Pack
• Battery backup and power conditioning system

Dell's Tactical Mobile Data Centers are ready to be shipped and sold to military, government or enterprise customers starting today.

Image via Dell