Dell launches pre-packaged private cloud for your datacenter

Dell announces it's largest pre-configured private cloud package

As part of their "Virtualization made easy" push, Dell announced their new vStart 200 package which brings out of the box support for up to 200 VMs (using Microsoft or VMware technologies) right out of the box. This means that the hardware has been certified to work with both vSphere and Microsoft hypervisors. The vStart line also includes pre-configured packages targeted at supporting 50 and 100 VMs.

The vStart products show up at your site preconfigured to your specifications and ready to run. The installation support includes a Dell field service engineer to assist in the installation. Dell's goal is to deliver a system that fits seamlessly into your existing environment. The system is self-contained in a rack mount that hosts the Dell servers, Dell EqualLogic storage, UPS,  pre-labeled cabling, all neatly wired and attached, and all the  networking interconnects for the hardware devices that make up the pre-packaged cloud.

The base operating system with the vStart is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 datacenter edition which allows unlimited VMs under the terms of the Microsoft software license. The system can be managed using both Microsoft and VMware management solutions as well as Microsoft System Center Advanced Infrastructure management plug-in from Dell for the vStart solutions. Dell is also a partner in the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track program.