Dell price cuts signal end for Pentium MMX desktops

Dell today announced price cuts that signal the impending end of the road for the Pentium MMX in desktop PCs

Pentium II-based OptiPlex desktops duck below Pentium MMX systems for the first time, according to the direct seller. A 233MHz PII-based OptiPlex GXa costs £1,099, £50 less than a similarly configured 233MHz Pentium MMX model.

Dell said the price cuts were enabled by exceptionally low inventory levels

In mobile PCs, the Latitude CP notebook line loses up to £250 with the 233MHz Pentium MMX-based Latitude CP M233XT falling to £1,949. The entry-level 166MHz Pentium MMX-based Latitude CP M166ST is reduced from £1,799 to £1,649.

"The notebook market is now a mature one, and there is no justification for the premium prices charged by many manufacturers for today's technology," said Steve Rawsthorn, marketing director at Dell UK Corporate.

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