Dell ramps up security for customers digging deep for data

Dell has released solutions that will help customers take advantage of big data in a secure way.

Dell has announced on Wednesday a series of solutions to help enterprises take advantage of big data and analytics.

Dell Digital Business Services, which includes digital transformation consulting and digital technology services, is aimed to help customers better understand their end users' preferences. The service will see pull data from analytics, mobile, social media and cloud, and the Internet of Things.

The company has also started a collaborative effort with Microsoft to enable customers to perform predictive analytics within a hybrid cloud environment. This will see  Dell's recently acquired Statistica analytics platform run in tandem with the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service. Dell will also be upgrading Statistica with the integration of Kitenga analytics suite.

"We're experts in understanding your outcomes, and building an analytics engine to meet your needs. We're innovating with partners that matters to you most: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, VMware, Hadoop, and Cloudera. We're providing the ramps to get off the ageing, obsolete Unix platform and get onto x86 scale out, modern Linux seamlessly," said Michael Dell, founder and chief executive, at Dell World 2014.

Dell said the company is already working with the healthcare industry and major universities to "improve business outcomes by turning data into real insights", such as the ability to prevent surgical infections, to decrease hospital re-admissions, and to predict the prospect of prostate cancer.

Going hand-in-hand with data is often security. This was highlighted by Dell's Global Technology Adoption Index that revealed that security is a top concern for more than 2,000 organisations globally, and is therefore holding businesses back on big data adoption.

"We see US$80 billion events per day, and far from separating the data analytics and security — as some competitors are doing — we think one of the biggest opportunities is bringing the two together so we can be context aware. We know what's out there, we know what's coming, and we know what to do about it," Dell said.

In light of this, Dell revealed it will offer identity and access management‐as‐a‐service. It also plans to also integrate Dell Change Auditor for Cloud Storage with Dell Data Protection Cloud Edition.

"By giving solutions a common DNA so they can all connect together, Dell makes IT security better, easier, and less expensive for identity and access management, network security, email and web security, endpoint management, and secure and remote access," Dell said.

Dell added that the company's basis for its approach to security is based on three imperatives of protect, comply, and enable.

"First we protect the whole enterprise from end-to-end, inside and out. Secondly, we comply with internal governments, the policies, and external regulations using a consistent, reliable approach that doesn't compromise business agility. Thirdly, we need to enable businesses to thrive including adopting new technology, pursuing innovation, and operational efficiency," he said.

Aimee Chanthadavong travelled as a guest of Dell to Dell World 2014.