Dell reaches for ARM in servers

The company has announced it will follow the likes of HP in using ARM-based chips in its servers, with a view to saving power in datacentres

Dell has said that it plans to launch ARM-based servers and computing centres for developers, customers and partners.

The move comes as more server makers are looking at ARM architecture for so-called hyper-scale datacentres, which are used for web companies and other businesses looking to save power. HP also said it will focus on ARM servers with 'Project Moonshot' and AMD bought SeaMicro, an earlier pioneer of the microserver movement.

In a statement, Dell said on Tuesday it would partner with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC); promote development on ARM servers; and deliver ARM-based servers to select customers and partners such as Canonical and Cloudera. Dell said it has been testing ARM servers internally in 2010. The company added that "demands of our customers" called for more ARM efforts.

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