Dell SecureWorks launches threat detection managed service

The service is part of SecureWorks' Advanced Threat Services portfolio - a suite of Internet security services designed to combat advanced threat actors and the risks they pose.


Dell's information security unit SecureWorks announced Tuesday the availability of the Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) managed service within its threat services portfolio.

SecureWorks' threat services portfolio already includes the Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP) service, and the Targeted Threat Hunting service. 

To deliver the managed AETD service, SecureWorks is using its Endpoint Threat Intelligence technology in combination with Carbon Black from Bit9, an endpoint threat detection platform.

Endpoints such as laptops, desktops and servers are monitored in real time for signs of malicious cyber activity. If risks are identified SecureWorks mobilizes the infantry, otherwise referred to by the company as its elite Counter Threat Unit Special Operations experts.

Tyler Winkler, executive director of sales and marketing for Dell SecureWorks, said some of the most serious cyber breaches to date are a result of organizations having one or more of their endpoints compromised:

Cyber criminals continue to perfect their tactics and procedures, enabling them to avoid many of today’s cyber defenses. Therefore, it is critical that organizations employ comprehensive and robust network security, as well as ‘always on’ 24x7 Endpoint Security.

Dell has been shedding its position as a pioneer PC maker as of late. In February the company expanded its partnership with NetSuite , gaining access to NetSuite's cloud-based ERP system and expanding its enterprise coverage beyond the PC building business.

Dell snapped up SecureWorks in 2011 to bolster its software line-up. Back then SecureWorks reportedly processed 13 billion cyber events a day, a number that has since skyrocketed to 70 billion.

With Tuesday's launch of the managed service, SecureWorks said the CTU team and Counter Threat Platform now have a massive reach capable of correlating, analyzing and condensing threat data into meaningful intelligence. The AETD service is currently available in North America and will be available in EMEA in the latter part of Q2.

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