Dell seeks to capture mindshare (and marketshare) with entrepreneurs

The company's new community site offers financial resources, case studies and (of course) technology suggestions for fast-growing businesses.

Entrepreneurs are known for their propensity to share – whether it is war stories or good ideas.

So Dell is capitalizing with a new online community that plays to that interest, which offering financing and resources that might inspire more of them to become Dell customers.

The aptly named Dell Center for Entrepreneurs includes the requisite links for all of Dell's technologies and services focused on this crowd. (The main focus is small businesses, but Dell's definition also includes fast-growing midmarket concerns that might have up to 3,000 employees.)

Perhaps even more intriguing for those struggling with ways to finance growth, it also includes access to programs that might provide a way for them to invest technology – notably the Dell Innovators Credit Fund. The initiative provides entrepreneurs with up to $100 million in financial and technology resources. T

he ulterior motive in creating this resource, of course, is for Dell to become engrained with smaller companies on their way up the growth curve so that they will keep investing in Dell technologies in the future. To be fair, though, Dell founder's Michael Dell is one of the quintessential examples of the successful entrepreneur, so the focus makes sense. 

Incidentally, the player Dell is using to distribute its video welcome on the site was created by one of its hand-picked "Founders Club" members, Ooyala. All of these companies are backed by a venture capital or angel firm and have technology at the heart of their business models.