Dell Statistica opens up to more platforms, courts 'citizen data scientists'

An update to Dell Statistica is aimed at attracting more business users as well as developers by embracing more platforms.

Dell on Thursday released a new version of its Statistica analytics platform with the aim of attracting more data scientists, extend to more databases and grow usage.

Statistica has 1 million users today, but John K. Thompson, general manager of Dell Statistica, said the company is looking to court "citizen data scientists" in a way that rhymes with the way Tableau grows a community to bolster usage.

Thompson said support for languages like Python for Statistica analytics attracts a younger set of data scientists. "Many of the data scientists under 30 are interested in R, Python and things like that," said Thompson, who added that the goal is to open Statistica up to a broader audience.

Here are a few screenshots:


By connecting to various data environments such as Apache Hive, MySQL, Oracle and Teradata, Statistica is looking to gain more analytics share.

The company also added new data preparation tools and reusable process templates to share analytic workflows with non-technical users. Statistica said the idea is to reuse templates throughout an enterprise.

Among other features:

  • Internet of things hooks via Dell Boomi.
  • Better visualization dashboards.
  • Fraud and network analytics to map relationships within networks.
  • A web-based user interface.