Dell strengthens PC line with Venue 11 Pro 7000, smart desk

Dell has announced the launch of a number of new client solutions to further bolster the company's PC business.

In light of Michael Dell's remarks on Tuesday that the company's PC business will continue to drive growth for the company, Jeff Clark, the company's vice chairman of operations and president of client solutions, echoed a similar point on Wednesday.

Speaking at Dell World 2014, Clark said that the PC will remain a "predominate activity machine and device" in the workplace, and will therefore play a vital role in Dell's future.

"Despite what you've heard, you look how people do work — the PC is still at the centre of that, and it's morphing into other forms of PCs," he said.

"There are two out of three new business customers that come to Dell and start their relationship with Dell by buying a Dell OptiPlex desktop or a Dell Latitude notebook. So it's a primary acquisition vehicle for us to bring new customers: Small business customers, medium institutions, and large corporations."

Clark continued, saying that while the business sees demand for its PC, other parts of its client solutions business is seeing similar momentum. He said that Dell's workstation business grew 15.5 percent year over year during 3Q14, while its thin client business grew 16.6 percent year over year during the same period.

"All of those categories we're looking at we will continue to grow, showing the investments and value proposition we put into our customers is working. The fact that is the two out of three of those customers we're bringing, we're winning in net new customer every week and month. We believe this trajectory will continue," he said.

To build on this energy, Dell announced the latest release of its Venue product line, the Venue 11 Pro 7000 series tablet. It's 15 percent thinner than its predecessor, has an extended battery life that can last up to 18 hours, and comes with a travel keyboard. Additionally, it features the latest range of Intel Core M Processors, a smartcard reader, and a fingerprint reader. Prices will start at $699.99, and it will be available from November 11 in the US.

The PC company is also expanding its monitor range with the Dell UltraSharp 27 ultra HD 5K resolution monitor, which means it has four times the resolution of a QHD and seven times the resolution of full HD. The monitor will be available worldwide on December 18, with an RRP of less than $2,000.

To complement the monitor, Dell unveiled its "smart desk", an interactive multi-touch LCD screen with a horizontal digital work surface designed to take advantage of natural interactions within a workspace, such as with the use of touch, stylus, and totem-based tools. Click here to view an image gallery of the smart desk.

"We think it will be disruptive in how people will work; when you think about creative professionals or financial analysts of having data at their disposal," Clark said.

Additionally, Dell has introduced its software suite, which is an integration of the company's independent tools that have been pulled together into a common tool suite. Users will be able to manage Windows devices, determine system hardware and inventory, and apply driver updates with Dell Kace K1000 Express. It can also be used to facilitate mobile worker productivity, while protecting businesses from threats by enforcing access control policies to ensure that only trusted users, devices, and apps are granted VPN access.