Dell teases new Precision M3800 Workstation laptop with 3,200x1,800 resolution

The new notebook, revealed at Siggraph 2013, will ship with Intel Haswell processor and Nvidia Quadro graphics options in a 4.5-pound, 0.7-inch body.


Dell is proclaiming that its forthcoming Precision M3800 Workstation will be the world's "thinnest and lightest" workstation notebook ever. After showing it off this week at the Siggraph 2013 conference, the company is teasing the new laptop on its website.

The Precision overhaul includes the latest Haswell (or fourth-generation Core) processors from Intel, as well as Nvidia's Quadro graphics (perhaps the new K6000 ). Just as important, especially to compete against the MacBook Pro, the M3800 will feature a 3,200x1,800 (QHD+) display, which beats the 2,880x1,800 resolution on the Retina display MacBook Pro if the M3800 uses a 15-inch screen.

That's possible, since the new Dell starts at just 4.5 pounds and is a mere 0.7 inches (18mm) thick. That matches the 15-inch MacBook Pro's size, but presumably since Apple doesn't call its top-of-the-line laptop a "workstation," Dell is promoting the M3800 as the world's champ in svelteness.

Unfortunately, precious little else is known about the M3800, including price and availability, other than a vague "later this year." Engadget reports that it will support up to 15GB of RAM and include 512GB SSD or 1TB hard drive options, but we'll have to wait and see if those rumors pan out.