Dell, Telefonica launch Europe-wide 3G Windows PC bundle

Dell and Telefonica, the telco behind O2, have expanded the NetReady pay-as-you-go bundled laptop and 3G service to 29 countries in Europe.
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Following Dell's May launch of its European NetReady business hardware-and-mobile-connectivity bundle, it's expanding the offer to pastures new.

Under Dell's NetReady brand, European businesses can buy Dell Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs from its XPS, Latitude, Dell Precision and Inspiron brands which come with an M2M SIM card from Telefonica onboard, giving access to the operator's 3G network in 29 countries within Europe.

The NetReady bundle, which includes Qualcomm's 3G Gobi chips, can now be installed on PCs in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, and the Czech Republic. (Initially, NetReady was only available in Spain, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Ireland).

While the service is meant to offer convenient payment linked to account holders' credit cards, and a way for businesses to control data costs (for example, blocking certain URLs and limiting downloads), the service doesn't come cheap.

The rates structures on offer include the Europe 5 Plan and a wider coverage tariff called the Europe 29 Plan.

The Europe 5 plan is valid for the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and the Czech Republic, with prices starting at £0.69 for 30 mins with a 10MB data cap, rising to £2.19 for 24 hours with a 200MB cap. A week would cost £7.69, offering 500MB, while one-month coverage on a 1GB limit would cost £14.57. The rates are applicable for business users travelling between any of the five countries.

The Europe 29 Plan, which offers 3G access across all of Europe, costs three times more than the Europe 5 Plan, starting at £2.59 for 30 minutes on a 10MB cap, while 24 hour coverage on a 200MB limit would cost £8.95. One month coverage on a 1GB cap would cost £51.45.

NetReady is already available in the US, while Telefonica plans to extend its NetReady coverage to Latin America. 

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