Dell to create Big Data skills in Brazil

The company will partner with local universities to train professionals in the field of analytics
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer on

Dell's analytics arm will partner with Brazilian universities to facilitate the creation of a local pool of skills in data analytics.

The project led by Dell's subsidiary StatSoft is underpinned by the launch of Instituto Data Science (IDS), an institution that will provide analytics training methodologies for in-person or web-based classes.

Public universities across Brazil have already been chosen as partners to deliver the project. As well as corporates, independent professionals will also be able to apply for the courses offered by the IDS.

The goal for the new institute is to have about 1,000 people a month signing up for its various training programs, which are based on four pillars: process vision, IT structures, analytics and data mining and business strategies.

"We're not building a college-style facility with disciplines, but a compound that brings direct impact to businesses. The goal is to increase revenues and reduce operating costs and increase profitability," says Josias de Oliveira, chief executive at StatSoft South America and president at IDS.

Dell acquired analytics specialist StatSoft last year. The tech giant is now looking to position itself as a Big Data provider across various industry sectors.

Other companies are investing in the Brazilian analytics market: credit information provider Experian will invest R$25m in big data initiatives in Brazil over the next five years.

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