Dell to offer made-for-China tablet by end-2013

The tablet is expected to cater to consumers who want their tablets cheap, even if power is compromised. This is amid the rise of white-box brands eroding the marketshare of more established and expensive brands.
Written by Ryan Huang, Contributor on

Dell will introduce a tablet made exclusively for China by the end of the year, in a bid to better meet the market's demands.

Dell to offer made-for-China tablet by end-2013.

China has been singled out because consumers want their tablets cheap, even at the expense of power, said Peter Marrs, Dell's Asia-Pacific Japan sales executive director, according to Forbes on Thursday. He was speaking at a media event in Singapore.

The market potential for that segment reflects the rise of white box brands, where sees Android tablets sell as little as US$60 in China, noted the report.

Marrs added touch devices on Windows 8 have not worked as well as hoped for Dell, but was optimistic over 8.1 doing better.

In 2011, Dell had similarly targeted China with the global launch of its Streak 10 Pro Android tablet there, ahead of other countries. 



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