Dell updates Boomi cloud integration platform

The Summer 2013 release includes broader API management capabilities and process libraries, which supports development of custom services that can be reused more easily.

It may still be spring, but Dell this week is rolling out the Summer 2013 release of the Dell Boomi AtomSphere cloud integration platform, an update that includes deeper support for custom vertical integration services.

Boomi's mission is to help enterprise accounts connect cloud-hosted and on-premises software applications without requiring additional appliances or massive software deployments.

The new release emphasizes management simplification, and includes measures that help businesses monitor, scale, secure, and administer APIs and web services. It also includes traffic flow throttling and IP address filtering, features that are meant to support a more predictable quality of service.

Another big change is a series of Integration Packs, which make it simpler to manage changes from a central location with a single change. Along the same lines, Boomi Summer 2013 includes process libraries that make it possible to capture business practices and unique intellectual property — such as what might be used for vertical industries — in a process template that can be reused by next-generation cloud integrators across multiple accounts.

"Because of the unique 'sub-tenancy' structure of AtomSphere's environment, deployment of the processes in a library can be accomplished in minutes, allowing [integrators] to build custom services on top of Dell Boomi with accelerated time-to-value," said the company in its press materials about the software update.

As of February 2013, Dell reported that more than 1 million cloud-management integration processes per day are being supported by the Dell Boomi platform.