Dell Wyse encourages BYOD with centralized IT management for mobile devices

Dell's latest BYOD solution is a cloud-based, centralized IT management console for managing mobile devices.

Dell appears to be trying to tackle the BYOD ("bring your own device") trend from every angle and unit within its arsenal.

The Dell Wyse group is picking up the baton today with a new cloud-based, centralized IT management console intended to act as a single point of administration for all mobile devices on a given network.

Through a single, cloud-based console, the Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager is boasted to enable IT to securely manage both company- and user-owned devices alongside company applications and content.

This includes giving IT managers the option to set granular policies on the user level (rather than on the devices themselves) so that they can better understand how content is accessed.

To do this, the Cloud Client Manager supports over-the-air mobile device and app management capabilities for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Furthermore, IT can set up remote desktop and content management between mobile devices and desktops/laptops using Dell Wyse PocketCloud software so that end users can access their content anytime for on- and off-premise PCs.

The Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager will be delivered as a Software-as-a-Service subscription offering.

Some of Dell's recent BYOD efforts have come in different forms, trying to address everyone from IT departments to end users and consumers.

For example, in September, Dell unveiled a portfolio of Windows 8-based devices that was framed around the BYOD angle. The lineup is limited, but the fine-tuned focus was on producing devices that fit for both work and personal needs.

Additionally, in August it was reported that Dell teamed up with VMware on a turnkey solution, likely influenced by the rising interest and popularity surrounding virtual desktop infrastructures.