Dell Wyse launches cloud stick dubbed Project Ophelia

Dell Wyse's device is a bit larger than an USB stick and aims to bring a virtual window and content access to any monitor or TV.

Dell's Wyse unit has launched a device that's aimed to turn monitors and TVs into a cloud-enabled thin client.

The effort, Dell Wyse's Project Ophelia, is akin to a USB memory stick except that it provides a virtual window into personal and corporate data. The device will be available in the first half of 2013.


According to Dell, the use case would be an executive conducting a demonstration or presentation via a monitor. Project Ophelia is designed to give workers content without a PC, tablet or smartphone. On the enterprise side of the equation, Dell's Wyse software gives IT managers a secure way to allow workers to tote corporate data around.

The device supports both corporate and personal content. Dell said the Project Ophelia device can be used by mobile professionals, online gamers and consumers.

Project Ophelia runs on Wyse's thin client software and connects to virtualization platforms from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. The device also has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, connects to a keyboard and mouse, runs Android 4.0 and remembers settings.

The Dell gadget could be handy. It's unclear whether it will be widely adopted.