Dell XPS 10 Windows RT tablet is no longer for sale on

Another Windows RT slate appears to bite the dust, leaving whatever market there is to Microsoft's Surface RT and forthcoming Surface 2.


The long, strange trip for Dell's XPS 10 tablet looks like it's come to an end. Announced as part of the Windows RT fanfare almost a year ago , the XPS 10 saw its price slashed by $200 about six months later, as the company tried to deny rumors of poor sales .

Now it doesn't appear that the XPS 10 will be running up any more sales for Dell, at least on the firm's website. The tablet's product page is annoucing that it's no longer available and suggests that potential buyers consider the Latitude 10 instead.

Not surprisingly, the Latitude 10 runs a full version of Windows 8, which seems to be faring much better in the marketplace than the cut-down Windows RT. Microsoft's Surface RT has been a similar sales flop to the XPS 10 -- to the tune of a $900 million write-down .

While partner manufacturers are putting their Windows RT tablets out to pasture, Microsoft hasn't competely abandoned the format. The just-announced Surface 2 will run an updated version of the OS (Windows RT 8.1) when it becomes available next month.

As for Dell, it wouldn't directly comment to Engadget about the XPS 10's sudden departure from the company's website. Instead it promised to reveal its upcoming tablet strategy at a media event next week. Something tells me a Windows RT 8.1 device isn't in the cards after the XPS 10 experience, but stay tuned for further details.