Deloitte partners with IPsoft to help clients deploy cognitive solutions

The consulting firm's research shows that self-learning automation solutions are a growing investment priority for CIOs.

The consulting firm Deloitte on Monday announced it's partnering with IPsoft to meet its clients needs with cognitive solutions.

Specifically, Deloitte will offer its clients business strategies based around two IPsoft products: Amelia, an AI platform similar to Amazon's Alexa, and IPcenter, an autonomic IT management platform.

Deloitte clients could potentially adopt the technology across multiple verticals, including government, IT, and customer service. Accenture formed a similar partnership with IPsoft to deploy Amelia as a virtual agent for sectors like banking and insurance.

Deloitte's research shows why consulting firms are interested in offering more cognitive solutions for their clients: more than 30 percent of CIOs surveyed last year said that self-learning automation solutions would be one of their top five investment priorities by 2020.