Delta issues 19,000 Windows Phone 8 devices to cabin crews

Will a cabin crew equipped with Nokia Lumia 820s improve your next Delta flight?

In a blog post, Wayne Morris, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing announced a deal, which will equip thousands of Delta flight attendants with Windows Phone 8 devices -- Nokia Lumia 820s -- to improve in-flight service.

Delta cabin crew will be able to more quickly process credit cards, offer seating upgrades and give fliers emailed "e-receipts" for in-flight purchases. In the future, Delta wants to use the smartphones to scan vouchers on flier mobile devices.

A Delta-specific point-of-sale application is installed on each device, developed by Microsoft, Avanade and AT&T. Delta says that eventually the POV platform will "provide flight attendants with certain customer-specific information to enable more personalized service."

Joanne Smith, senior vice president of In-Flight Service said:

"Delta's 19,000 in-flight professionals are there for the safety and comfort of our customers, and equipping them with innovative solutions means they can better meet our customers' needs on board every flight."

Delta serves over 160 million customers each year.

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