Delta, JetBlue first airlines to allow gate-to-gate gadget use

Two airlines beat the competition to allow personal electronics during all phases of flights.
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That didn't take long.

Last week, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration revised rules to allow gate-to-gate use of personal electronic devices by passengers. The change was expected to be a gradual one as airlines digest the new rules, complete a five-step process to prove their airplanes can handle the electronic emissions, and update safety manuals (and videos).

But, the day after the announcement, Delta and JetBlue were already allowing gadget-friendly flights. How did they get a leg up? Skift explains:

Both airlines were members of the Portable Electronic Devices Aviation Committee, which made recommendations to the FAA, leading to yesterday’s announcement about airlines getting the green light to test their aircraft for the usage of PEDs.

By yesterday afternoon, they had already filed their paperwork with the FAA and tested their aircraft, seemingly getting a leg up on their competitors in part because of their participation on the panel.

JetBlue says its Flight 2302 from New York's JFK to Buffalo was the first commercial flight by a U.S. airline to implement the new rules which allow passengers to use their small electronic devices -- smartphones, tablets, games -- during all phases of flight.

Who will be the next to catch up?

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