DEMOfall 05 take one

Updated 09/20/05 7:45 pm PST: It never rains in Southern California, except today. No matter.

Updated 09/20/05 7:45 pm PST:


It never rains in Southern California, except today. No matter. As usual I’m locked inside at a tech conference, this time in Huntington Beach at the DEMOfall 05 conference, where 65 companies are debuting products. I put together a photo gallery from my morning Demo sojourn and will be adding to it over the next day.

Determina debuted its Vulnerability Detection Suite, which includes  Memory Firewall (which deals with the majority of security problems, such as buffer overflows) and LiveShield, a malware response mechanism that deals with mass worms and other vulnerabilities. Unlike signature-based solutions, Determina's LiveShield injects malware-correcting code into the program without requiring a reboot. For example, if a program says to copy a file from A to B, but it should not do it if the target is SQL and Windows, Determina's LiveShield inserts the proper code on the fly.  

Not exactly high tech, but designed completely on digital systems, IMMI showed a child safety car seat that is a big improvement over the current models, company officials said. The seat installs with a simple click, has a five-point harness system and a one-touch adjustment for headrest, harness and buckle strap. The seat also has an aircraft aluminum frame and smart-core foam. The cost of 'advanced' child safety: $429 SRP.

Trimergent demoed a new information management and sharing application, aggregating data from multiple sources, including shared files on hard drives. It uses portal metaphor to integrate various tools, such as various Web search engines, strict access protocols and scours both structured and unstructured data.  

EverEZ Systems Ltd. showed off EverDesk, which bundles e-mail (and attachments) and file management into a single Windows interface. It's not a replacement for desktop search, but it makes a lot of sense. However, it doesn't integrate with Outlook and has its own mail system. Ever heard of WinFS?

Skylar Technology claims that its financial data analysis engine can process more than 100 million messages per second using an encoding format based on prime number theory. Sounds similar to Streambase. The prime-based encoding technique creates a mapping between flat and hierarchical data and a proprietary data representation. Similar to Streambase, Skylar is targeting real-time data processing for the financial industry.  

FilmLoop introduced a photo broadcasting network and client application. You can create loops of individual photos and share them with others, who can add or delete from loops by dragging and dropping images. The company has deal a with the WorldPictureNetwork, which will produce daily loops covering sports, entertainment and feature stories, as well as event coverage. Companies like HP, Nestle Purina and TBS have signed on to creating branding loops. The coolest FilmLoop demo was creating a photo loop from an Autotrader search, which is updated as new cars are added or sold that match the query. has created a marketplace for referral-hiring with a tool that uses cash rewards as an incentive for people to use their personal networks to identify relevant job candidates. The referral-hiring process in most organizations is a mess – and brings order to the chaos. H3’s patented process extends employee referral programs beyond employees, enabling you to motivate and reward the people who help grow your talent pool. H3’s contingency-based fee structure is risk-free; you’re charged only when you hire someone.

U3 has a USB flash drive technology (and API for app developers) that allows you to take your Windows workspace on a key from machine to machine. However, with the Web becoming more of a platform, carrying your workplace and apps around is less compelling.

Powware demoed what the company called "programming for the 21st century," a development tool that visually captures program logic to reduce time and bugs in developing complex, mixed language (C++, C#, Java and 17 more) applications. Visual capture is using digital ink and point-and-click to draw out a program on a palette. If it works as advertised, it will reduce development time for some kinds of applications, but it doesn't look like a substitute for Visual Studio and other major IDEs. Powware has a plug-in for Visual Studio but only does code synthesis--you can't import code--and it currently lacks support for Web services development.

Peerflix has done a twist on the Netflix and eBay commerce models. It's a peer-to-peer network for trading physical DVDs. The company plans provide APIs to let other trading communities their develop own networks that run on the Peerflix platform. Peerflix charges 99 cents for each trade. 

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