Design, hacking, gamification: disruptors and enablers of the 'postdigital' era

In its recently released report on the 10 tech trends that will affect 'postdigital' business in the next 18-24 months, Deloitte names a number of non-business influences in the corporate world.

It's already February, but the year's still fresh and the predictions from business pundits for 2013 are still coming in. Last week, professional services and consulting firm Deloitte released its tech trends for the new year, focusing on what it calls the "postdigital enterprise." That's a trademarked phrase, by the way, and a consulting offering from Deloitte.

But that doesn't make the phrase any less interesting. The consulting company likens our epoch to the post-industrial era, only we're now facing life and work in the years when just simply being "digital" isn't enough.

So...without further delay, here are the ten "postdigital" tech trends for this year--and which Deloitte predicts will actually impact business over the next 18-24 months. All of the language below is Deloitte's (although I demystified some acronyms in brackets), including the descriptions. The company goes one step further from just listing them by breaking them into two categories: those that will disrupt existing models in positive (and ideally profitable) ways and those that will enable companies to make the most of the technologies and strategies that they have invested in already.


CIOs as the Postdigital Catalyst: Catalyzing value from the elements of mobile, social, analytics, cloud and cyber.

Mobile Only (and beyond): The enterprise potential of mobile is greater than today’s smartphone and tablet apps.

Social Reengineering by Design: How work gets done is no longer constrained by 19th century platforms.

Design as a Discipline: Inherent, pervasive and persistent design opens the path to enterprise value.

IPv6 [The latest revision of Internet Protocol] (and this time we mean it): Ubiquitous connected computing is straining the underlying foundation of the Internet.


Finding the Face of Your Data: Fuse people and technology to discover new answers in data – and new questions, too.

Gamification Goes to Work: Drive engagement by embedding game mechanics in day-to-day business processes.

Reinventing the ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] Engine: Revving up data, hardware, deployment and business model architectures at the core.

No Such Thing as Hacker-proof: If you build it, they will hack it. How do you deal with that?

The Business of IT: After reengineering the rest of the business, IT’s children deserve some shoes.

What's fascinating to me is how much non-business culture is seeping into the corporate and consulting worlds. Two of the disruptors are related to design; and two of the enablers relate to gaming and hacking.

You can download the entire report here, as a PDF, and watch short videos by the authors, Mark E. White, principal and chief technology officer, and Bill Briggs, director and deputy chief technology officer, both at Deloitte Consulting.

Image: Tsahi Levent-Levi/Flickr

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