Design the next generation iPod

What would you, the end users, like to see in the next gen iPod? What's important to you?

In the space of a few months I've gone from not owning an iPod to owning two and I've also bought a few as gifts for the family.  Needless to say I'm impressed!  But every product has to move on and I'm sure that the designers and engineers at Apple are figuring out what should go into the next generation iPods right now.

But what would you, the end users, like to see in the next gen iPod?  What's important to you?

I think that despite being a huge commercial success, there are areas where Apple could improve on the iPod.  Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Longer battery life
    You just can't have a big enough battery.  Not only would it be great to see a a larger capacity battery, but a battery with an increased number of charge/discharge cycles would mean that users wouldn't have to replace the battery (or their iPods) as often as they currently need to.
  • More storage
    Be honest, who couldn't do with more storage?
  • Improve the interface
    The iPod interface is pretty sweet but there's room for improvement.  I think that more scope for personalizing the UI would be nice.
  • Improve overall robustness
    I wouldn't like to subject any iPod to any kind of serious stress.
  • Better earphones
    I'm certain Apple could come up with something much better than the current offering.
  • Improve iTunes
    As I see it, iTunes is the weak link in the iPod ecosystem.  As much as I like the iPod, iTunes leaves me feeling cold. 
  • Be greener
    Let's face it, when it comes to looking after the environment, most of the big manufacturers have an appalling track record and Apple is no exception.  Improvements here would go down very well in some circles.

What's important to you?

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